FSD3 Improves on Annual Student Assessments

FSD3 Improves on Annual Student Assessments
Posted on 09/06/2022

Florence School District 3 showed steady growth on the 2022 annual state assessments.

For third through eighth-grade students, test scores from SC READY show increases in both ELA and Math from the 2021 test scores. In addition, results from SC PASS, the annual science assessment for fourth and sixth grades, showed increases at both grade levels. Students did not take SC PASS social studies during the 2021-2022 school year. 

The percentage of students scoring “meets or exceeds expectations” increased in ELA and math in all grades except seventh grade math. In ELA, fourth grade showed the highest growth across the district, with 19.5% of students scoring “meets or exceeds expectations” on state standards. Fourth grade science also increased by 12.8 percentage points.

All schools are showing growth and moving students toward mastery of content standards. We are committed to student mastery and have implemented intentional structures for all students to help students succeed. Our focus areas include, but are not limited to, differentiated small-group instruction to close the learning gaps in both ELA and Math. We focus on early learning in our primary grades to have more students reading on or above grade level before third grade.

“End-of-year state assessment results from 2021 to 2022 show increments of improvements in our district’s achievement,” said Superintendent Dr.  Laura Hickson. “The increase in student achievement at each school shows the hard work our teachers and administrators are doing to help our students experience growth and recover from learning loss. Even though we are proud of our improvements and celebrate our efforts, there is still much work needed to move the needle significantly. FSD3 will continue to focus on continuous growth and academic improvement for all students to meet or exceed the state’s averages.”

SC Department of Education Press Release