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Benefits Information 
Please click on the following PEBA website.  (PEBA - Public Employee Benefit Authority) This site allows you to view benefits and make changes online.  

Please click on the following: New Employee PEBA Information. Helpful information and videos for new employees.

Please click on the following: Life Event Checklist.  Helpful information for life's milestones:
    * Newly Employed
    * Marriage
    * Adoption
    * Divorce
    * Leaving Covered Employment
    * Service Retirement
    * Disability Retirement
    * Death of a Dependent
Once on the page, look under Insurance and then click on Life Event Checklists.

Health Insurance Information - The State Health Plan

Health and Dental Benefits are provided by the State of SC. The plan is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  

The State Health Plan is a comprehensive plan, which is offered to all full-time employees and/or dependents. The plan offers maximum protection from catastrophic illness or injury worldwide, plus the freedom to choose which doctors and hospitals to use.

Dental Plans

The State Dental Plan

Is available to all full-time employees at no charge. If an employee chooses to cover their eligible dependents then a small monthly premium will be charged. The plan covers preventive, basic, routine and orthodontic care.
*New and existing employees can only make dental changes during odd year open enrollments (October).  Employees must wait until the next open enrollment period of an odd-numbered year to enroll as a late entrant or to add a spouse or child(ren) as a late entrant.

Dental Plus

Provides a higher level of dental coverage and covers the same services under the State Dental Plan. The premiums are paid entirely by the employee.

SC Retirement System
The following links will provide you with information regarding the SC Retirement System.

SC Retirement page.  This site will provide you with a general overview of the SC Retirement system.

SC Retirement Member access page.  This site allows you to review retirement account balance, beneficiaries, etc.