Parental & Community Involvement Policy


Code KB Issued 08/06 Latest approved revision 03/10/2022

The Board of Trustees believes parent and family involvement must be pursued and supported by homes, schools/colleges/universities, communities, businesses, faith congregations, organizations and government entities by working together in a collaborative effort.

Florence County School District Three encourages, supports and values the participation and involvement of parents and families in the educational experiences of their children. The District shall be committed to developing family-friendly schools, offices and programs that welcome and serve parents and families in positive and supportive environments.

The board believes it can impact student achievement by improving the quality and quantity of parent/family involvement in the education of their children.

Therefore, the Florence County School District Three is committed to the following:

Parent Involvement (2000 Parent Involvement in Their Children’s Education Act)

In order to heighten awareness of the importance of parent and family involvement in the education of their children throughout their schooling, encourage the establishment and maintenance of parent- friendly school settings, and emphasize parent/school partnerships to assure a child’s academic success in the following ways:

* Consider joining national organizations that promote and provide technical
   assistance on various proven parental involvement frameworks and models.

* Incorporate, where possible, proven parental involvement practices into
   existing policies and efforts.

* Provide parental involvement orientation and training through staff

* Provide incentives and formal recognition for schools that significantly increase
   parental involvement as defined by the state board of education.

* Include parental involvement expectations as part of staff evaluation.

* Include information about parental involvement opportunities and participation 
   in the district’s annual report.

* Disseminate parental expectations as defined by law to all parents of the

The superintendent may also designate staff to serve as parent liaisons for the district, require each school to designate a faculty contact for parental involvement efforts, require each principal to designate a materials and resource space within the school specifically for parents, and encourage principals to adjust class and school schedules to accommodate parent-teacher conferences more conveniently.

Parent involvement (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

Florence County School District Three also recognizes the special importance of parental involvement to the success of its Title I, Migrant (MEP), and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) programs. Pursuant to federal law, the district and parents will jointly develop and agree upon a written parental involvement policy that will be distributed to parents participating in any of these programs.

In keeping with these beliefs, it is the intention of the district to cultivate and support active parental involvement and to set and realize goals for parent-supported student learning. The district will do the following:

* Provide activities that will educate parents regarding the intellectual and developmental needs of their children at all age levels. This will include promoting cooperation between the district and other agencies or school/community groups (such as parent-teacher groups, Head Start, First Steps, etc.) to furnish learning opportunities and disseminate information regarding parenting skills and child/adolescent development.

* Implement strategies to involve parents in the educational process, including the following:
a) keeping families informed of opportunities for involvement and 
            encouraging participation in various programs;
b) providing access to educational resources for parents/families to use
            together with their children;
c) keeping families informed of the objectives of district educational
            programs as well as of their child’s participation and progress within
            these programs;

* Enable families to participate in the education of their children through a variety of roles.

* Provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to enhance their understanding of effective parent involvement strategies.

* If practicable, provide information in a language understandable to parents.

Title I Parent Involvement

Florence County School District Three recognizes that parent involvement is vital to achieve maximum educational growth for students participating in the district’s Title I program. Therefore, in compliance with federal law and state department of education guidelines, the district will meet with parents to provide information regarding their school’s participation in the Title I program and its requirements.

The superintendent will ensure equivalence among schools in teachers, administration and other staff and in the provisions of curriculum materials and instructional supplies.

The board directs the superintendent to ensure that each of the district’s schools participating in the Title I program meet annually. Parents of participating students will be informed of their right to be involved in the development of the district’s parental involvement policy, overall Title I plan and school-parent compact.

The district will, to the extent practicable, provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, parents of homeless students and parents of migratory students. In cooperation with parents, the district’s policy, plan and compact will be reviewed annually and updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school and distributed to parents of participating students in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.

The superintendent will develop administrative regulations, as necessary, to implement this policy and meet the requirements of law.

Limited English Proficient (LEP) parent involvement

Pursuant to federal law, parents of LEP students will be provide notification regarding their child’s placement in and information about the district’s LEP program.

Parents will be notified of their rights regarding program content and participation.

Adopted: 08/17/06. Revised: 03/15/12, 3/10/22


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