Board Recognizes Students for MAP Growth

Board Recognizes Students for MAP Growth
Posted on 03/22/2024

Students from the FSD3’s Academic Tutoring Center were recognized Thursday night at the monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees for their growth on MAP testing.

While there are many students who are served at the center who have shown great growth, these students were highlighted for their above average growth since beginning the program.

The students recognized were:

  • Eulon Kale, a second grader at Lake City Early Childhood Center with a 27-point growth in math;
  • Kendric Witherspoon, a first grader at Olanta Creative Arts and Science Magnet School with a 21-point growth in math;
  • Khloe & Zoey Speights, third graders at Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy, with 9 points or more in growth and also high achievers according to NWEA’s MAP math test; and
  • Andrew Papel, an eighth grader at Dr. Ronald E. McNair Junior High who grew 35 points in reading and more than 20 points in math.

We are extremely proud of the growth of our students as well as the partnerships that we have created with their families.

If you are interested in your child attending the Academic Tutoring Center, please visit the district’s website, select the “Need Tutoring for Your Child?” under Quick Links and complete a short form.

The Academic Tutoring Center has branches beside J. Paul Truluck Creative Arts and Science Magnet School at the Tutoring/Homework Center as well as at Olanta Magnet School. Students who are enrolled attend twice each week for one-hour sessions to work on their individualized learning path designed using their MAP scores, grades, reading level and school/parent input.
Image of students who were recognized at the board meeting standing with their parents after receiving certificates of achievement.