Support Services

Psychological Services: The primary role of Psychological Services is to consider and advise through evaluative data how the educational needs of students can be best met. The Department of Psychological Services provides a full continuum of services including, formal psycho-educational evaluations, counseling, consultative services, behavioral therapy, and intervention services. Students of concern are brought to the attention of the Student Intervention Team at all school in the district. After an at-risk student is identified and referred through the multi-disciplinary team, the psychological services department is able to assist at the school and individual level providing evaluative information to teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

The Full Continuum of Psychological Services

Formal Evaluations: Consist of standardized testing, formal/informal observations, background information, physical screening, reviews of records, and interviews with parents.

Counseling Services: Individual and group therapy provided for students with special needs identified as being at-risk for social and emotional problems.

Psychological Consultative Services:
Upon request, information is provided to parents and teachers through conferences and in-services.

Behavioral Therapy Services: Psychologists assist in developing Behavior Intervention Plans by compiling Functional Behavior Assessments.

Intervention Strategies: Psychologists provides suggestions to teachers for students who may be having academic or behavior problems occurring in the home and school environment. Direct Instruction in reading and math is also provided.