High School Program Options

High School Projected Outcome Options:

To the extent determined by the IEP Team of each child, students may be determined eligible to participate in the general education program earning a high school diploma, the SC Employability  Credential Program earning a SC High School Credential or enroll in the Employability Diploma Program earning a District Certificate.

Students with disabilities entering the ninth grade as of 2018-2019 SY have four programs of study options. The options are as follows:

1.  Students who earn all required 24 Carnegie units will earn a South Carolina State High School Diploma.

2.  Students who earn an academic course of study that include a minimum of 24 earned units, complete the required 360 hours of work experience that meets the requirements of the statute and create and present a career portfolio and a multi-media career presentation will earn a South Carolina High School Employability Credential (non diploma).

3.  Students who earn all required Employability Program units and successfully complete the Employment Portfolio and employment training will earn a Florence County School District Three District Certificate (non-diploma).

4.   Florence School District Three’s Certificate of Attendance is awarded to those students who attended high school for at least four years or who have reached the age of 21.


    • For students whose IEP team select the FSD3 District Attendance Certificate, their program and certificate requirements are based on the student making progress towards IEP goals and objectives.  Students may also participate in a replacement/ adaptive or modified curriculum in core academic subjects as appropriate.  The student will still have access to the general education curriculum with accommodations or modifications until their 21st birthday. 


    • The Florence School District Three Certificate of Attendance is awarded to those students who have attended high school at least four years but have not met all the requirements of any of the above high school exit options and choose to exit high school before completing the requirements or who have reached their 21st birthday.