Image of Dr. Laura Hickson 

Superintendent Dr. Laura Hickson, Ed.D.

Superintendent's Message

During 2022-2023, Florence School District Three's Board of Trustees, staff, students, parents, business leaders, and community members stood united to provide a high-quality education for all students. Our students and staff use their Power of One daily, creating positive IMPACT and making our school communities great. 

With the vision "Lifelong Learning for All" in mind, Florence School District Three (FSD3) continues the tradition of excellence and is preparing all students to develop the world-class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by ensuring students are college or career ready. FSD3 is committed to providing equitable services, resources, and opportunities for all students aligned with their interests and talents. 

We connect students to innovative and challenging options such as STEM camps at Allen University, Activate Academy and Leadership Camp through Francis Marion University, McLeod Nursing Academy, and our District Summer Learning Camps. These learning opportunities engage students in hands-on, rigorous, and relevant programs of study that meet challenging academic standards and prepare our students for college and careers.

Student achievement continues to improve as teachers and interventionists provide diagnostic instruction to meet the needs of our students. Disciplinary infractions continue to decrease as we focus on student's social and emotional needs. We continued implementing MTSS and Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) district-wide, focusing on providing wrap-around services that develop the whole child. 

The district continues promoting early college dual enrollment programs and collaborates with the Continuum in Lake City. The Continuum is a breathtaking $25 million facility in downtown Lake City. It is a regional center for education, and workforce development focused on advancing the knowledge and mastery of innovative and technical skills. We continue to expand our career track and certification by working closely with the Continuum and our local colleges. We currently offer welding, HVAC, masonry, auto tech, building construction, health science, and machine tool. 

FSD3's teachers, staff, instructional leaders, and support staff are competent and qualified and work diligently for the success of all students. FCSD3 continues to work toward becoming a premier school of choice and graduating college- or career-ready students and responsible and productive citizens.

Dr. Laura Hickson, Superintendent