LCHS Outstanding Seniors Recognized

LCHS Outstanding Seniors Recognized
Posted on 05/25/2018

Lake City High School recognized its outstanding students during its annual Senior Awards and Scholarship Day on Friday, May 25.

Among the awards and scholarships presented were:

Rotary Award (Sponsored by the Lake City Rotary Club) ($750) … presented by Johnny Fryar .

Names for this award are submitted by the teachers and the senior class votes for the recipient.

Recipient: John Wilson

Florence Regional Arts Alliance Awards… presented by Sandy Cook and Carla Angus

Recipients: Band: Zachery Fulmore; Chorus & Drama: Cathryn Ackerman 

Betty Ann Merit Scholarship…. Presented by Sandy Cook and Carla Angus

Recipient: Cathryn Ackerman

Dramatic Coffee Bean Awards… presented by Carla Angus

Recipients: Jewel McFadden, Melvon Cooper, Keyara Thomas, Damian Lee and  Amari Lawson  

Olanta Schools’ Alumni Association Scholarship ($500 each)…presented by Ennis McFadden

Recipients: Cathryn Ackerman, Javion Anderson, Montana James and Keyara Thaomas

Theodus Cooper and Elouise Cooper Memorial Scholarship ($1000)... Presented by Thewanda Cooper

Recipient:  Megan Floyd

Dr. Ronald E. Mcnair Memorial Scholarships ($700) presented by Edward Fulmore.

Recipients: Keyara Thomas, John Wilson and Parish Montgomery      

LCHS Class Of 1983 Alumni Scholarship ($300)....presented by Celissa Roberts

Recipients: Jovan McMillian, Jaquisha Washington and John Wilson      

Lake City High School Class of 1986 Alumni Scholarship …presented by LaRonda Hurd           

Recipients: ($1986) Veronica Spates and ($500) John Wilson

Class of 1987 Alumni Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Recipients:  Damian Lee and Keyara Thomas

Lake City High School Alumni Scholarship ($500)…presented by Darlene Rush 

Recipients:  Veronica Spates and Morgan Marsh                          

Ruiz 4 Kids Scholarship ($1000) …presented by Tommy Pruitt

Recipients:   Keyara Thomas, Cathryn Ackerman and Emily Watford

Rutledge Book Club Scholarship ($650)…presented by Linda Godwin.

Recipient: Megan Floyd                   

Lake City Junior Womens Club Scholarship ( $500) … Presented by a Club Member

Recipient: Cathryn Ackerman and Keyara Thomas        

Florence County Association of Educational Office Professionals ($200)…Presented by Janice Drawdy

Recipient: Damian Lee                                

Evans Gaskins Family Scholarships ($350 each)…presented by Sherwood Gaskins and Melanie Bryant

Recipients: Amari Lawson and John Wilson

Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. Scholarship ($500)…presented by Ronetha Singletary

Recipient: Keyara Thomas                               

Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship …presented by Lori Flegler and Kendra Wilson

Recipients: ($1000) John Wilson, ($300) Ula Burgess and ($200) Parish Montgomery

Bridging The Gap-“Reclaming The Male” - Scholastic Award ($350)… presented by Stacey Morris –Founder and Yamekia Robinson – Public Relations

Recipient: Damian Lee

I Am That Butterfly (350)…Presented by Yamekia Robinson

Recipient: Keyara Thomas

Player Holland Memorial Scholarship ($1500)…. Presented by Matt Apicella

Recipient: Daniel Malasky

Herbert Rollins Memorial Scholarship ($500)  4yr. Renewable 

Recipient: Joycelyn Epps

JP Matthews Memorial Education Fund Scholarship - $1000 2yr. Renewable

Recipient: Christopher Burnett

Eugene Hughes Memorial Scholarship ($500)… Given by the Hughes Family to a senior who attended a Headstart Program

Recipient: Damian Lee

Santee Electric Scholarship ($500)

Recipients: Jessica Elmore and Grace Marsh                                                

Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology ($1000)

Recipient: Heather Harrelson