FSD3 Shows Improvement on State Report Cards

Posted on 10/11/2019

Florence School District 3 showed tremendous growth in the 2018 School Report Card ratings released by the South Carolina Department of Education.

The report cards use a 100-point scale with overall ratings ranging from Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average and Unsatisfactory.  Report cards use achievement and growth data from core content testing to ensure students meet the requirements of the Profile of the SC Graduate.  

Two schools -- Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy and J. Paul Truluck Creative Arts and Science Magnet School both received the rating of “Good.” Scranton Elementary grew from “Average” with 44 points in 2017 to “Good” with 56 points in 2018. J Paul Truluck also improved from “Average” with 45 points in 2017 to “Good” with 48 points in 2018.

Those were not the only schools to show growth on the school report card.

Ronald E. McNair Junior High school moved from “Unsatisfactory” with 19 points in 2017 to “Below Average” with 34 points in 2018, showing a 15 point gain. J.C. Lynch Elementary School also moved from “Unsatisfactory” in 2017 with 33 points to “Average” with 46 points in 2018, while Main Street Elementary showed growth jump of 12 points from “Below Average” with 37 points in 2017 to “Average” with 49 points in 2018.

Although Lake City High School did not move from the “Below Average” overall rating, the school still grew from 41 points in 2017 to 46 points in 2018.

“End of year testing from 2018 to 2019 shows clear improvements in our district’s achievement,” said Superintendent Laura Hickson. “The increase ratings in five of our seven schools show the hard work that our teachers and administrators are doing to help our students experience growth and success. Even though we are proud of our improvements and celebrate our efforts, there’s still much work to do. FSD3 will continue to focus on continuous growth and improvement for all students.”