Instructions for Using ERO

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Instructions for Using ERO

Registrant Activities- Logging In

The following screen displays.


Login: Your District email address Pin: The last four digits of your SSN.

To log into the system, enter your ID and PIN and click Login.

If you forget your PIN, go online and enter the Organization ID and your User ID. Then, click “Email PIN” to have your PIN emailed to you. You must have an email address on your profile to use this feature.

When logged in, the district name appears in the top-right corner above the date and time.

Once you log in, the following screen displays. Click on Course Catalog to see all courses offered.



Course Catalog (Registration)

The Course Catalog feature is used for registration. Only courses with sessions that are open to your registrant type for registration on the date you are logged in will be visible in the online course catalog. Search results will not display for a session if the Registration End Time has passed, and registrations will not be allowed.


Or to search by the schedule- click here

Click on the search button

In the search results, select the desired course by clicking on either the course title or Select link.

The course description and all sessions open for registration will appear. Also, prerequisite courses list on this screen. If no session budget codes have been defined by the district, this field will be blank.


The Credit Types and the corresponding Credits and Hours are listed together. The available Credit Types are viewable prior to registering for a Session.

For sessions for which the registration must be requested and self-enrollment is not permitted, the icon labeled “Request Enrollment” is shown below the SRN.

My Transcript

The My Transcript tab displays sessions that the registrant attended. Attended registrations can be sorted by Credit Type, School Year, No Shows, Unpaid Courses, or by Late Drop records. The Unpaid Courses link displays information on unpaid courses and any late drop/no-show fees.


To view additional information on a particular session, click the SRN link.

Note: The “Complete” only: checkbox must be unchecked (Off) for Late Drop/No Show occurrences to be included in the report.

Printing a Certificate of Completion

To print a certificate of completion, click on the Certificate button next to the desired session. The certificate is immediately displayed. Use the print function of your internet browser to print the certificate. Certificates print on a full page in Landscape orientation. The credit types and associated credits and hours are displayed.


My Transcript Report

This report allows you to print personal transcript reports for your records. To print the report, follow these steps:

1. Choose the “Print Report” button

2. Use the Record Selection section to select Courses to be shown on Transcript

3. Use the Fields to Display section to select information that will appear on the report.

4. Click “View Report” to view report.

5. Use the Printer icon in the Adobe Window.

6. Use the Back button in the browser window to return to the Report setup page

7. Use the “Back to My Transcript” link to return to the My Transcript page.