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Classified Application Process    
Listed below are application forms and application online links. These are not a list of vacant positions.
  • Classified Application (Substitute Teacher, Food Service, and Maintenance) (PDF file)
  • Instructional Assistant Application -Apply online
  • Behavior Interventionist Application- Apply online
  • Bus Driver Application (PDF file)
  • Licensed Health Care-School Nurse;Nurse Assistant-(CNA);Occupational & Physical Therapists & Assistants-Apply online
  • Clerical-Apply online

If you are interested in joining our Florence County School District Three Team, please see below for current career opportunities.

2017-2018 Classified Employment Vacancies:

Bus Drivers - see application PDF file above- "Open until filled"

Career Specialist- See apply online link above- Open until Tuesday, March 6, 2018

2018-2019 Classified Employment Vacancies:

School Nurse-RN - See apply online link above- "Open until filled"

High School Bookkeeper- See apply online link above- "Open until filled"
Occupational Therapist-See apply online link above-"Open until filled"

Occupational Therapist Assistant-See apply online link above-" Open until filled"

Physical Therapist-See apply online link above-"Open until filled"

Maintenance-Custodian-"Open until filled"-see Classified application above.

Maintenance- District Lead Tradesman (Electrician) - "Open until filled" -see "Apply Online" Link or Classified application above.

Hard copy Applications: Reference forms should be mailed by the applicant to their references. References should be completed and returned directly to Human Resources.

*A copy of your degree will need to be uploaded or submitted with your application. If you do not have a degree, you will need to provide TABE/Workkeys scores with you application (information regarding these tests is available if needed). Copies of your current driver's license, social security card and clear TB test results will also need to be submitted.

*For Bus Driver application, a 10 year driving history from the Department of Motor Vehicles will need to be submitted in addition to the above requirements.