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Licensure Renewal


An educator employed full time in a public district in South Carolina, holding a professional license, should follow renewal procedures as outlined in their District Renewal Plan. Angelia Barr Scott, the District Renewal Coordinator, will process renewal requests and address renewal questions and/or concerns for full time district employees.

Please note, the Renewal Process is not applicable to individuals who hold an Initial License.

An individual who is employed in a position that requires South Carolina educator license and is employed in a South Carolina public school district must earn renewal credits through professional development activities that:

  • Directly relate to the educator's professional growth and development plan
  • Support the goals of the employing public school district
  • Promote student achievement, as required by State Board of Education Regulation 43-205.1, Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching (ADEPT), and Regulation 43-165.1, Program for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Principal Performance (PADEPP).

In addition, an educator who is employed in a South Carolina public school district who holds a position that requires South Carolina educator license must:

  • Earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits that meet the appropriate eligibility criteria for each certificate renewal option/activity, as specified in the renewal credit matrix
  • Maintain all required verification, as described in the renewal credit matrix
  • Adhere to all district/educational agency policies related to pre-approval and processing of renewal credit
  • Submit necessary verification to the District Renewal Coordinator for review, approval, and signature

Educators are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all renewal options and activities meet renewal guidelines.

Note: Any educator who has not earned a Master's Degree must earn at least sixty of the required renewal credits (three semester hours) in graduate-level coursework to renew his or her current license. Educators who hold Career and Technology Education Work-Based Licensure exclusively are not required to fulfill the graduate-level coursework requirement.

Jason Flatt Act

Educators working in a public middle or high school setting must satisfy the Jason Flatt Act requirements before the Professional License can be renewed. Florence School District Three requires all certified staff to meet the Jason Flatt Act requirements. Please review the Jason Flatt Act and contact your District Renewal Coordinator for more information.