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Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

Sick Leave - Refer to Employee Handbook *

Family Medical Leave Act Forms

Intermittent Leave

Reduced Schedule Leave

FMLA Block of Time Request

WH-380-E-Certification of Health Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition

Other Types of Leave-Long Term, Court Appearances, Jury Duty, Military,
Maternity, Child Care and Political- Refer to Employee Handbook. *

Vacation- Refer to Employee Handbook *

Supplemental Pay- for approved athletic and extracurricular services performed
beyond the regular duty

Inservice Programs- Beginning Teacher Program provides support and assistance to
Beginning teachers

New Employee Orientation- Helps new employees acclimate themselves into the

Comprehensive Salary Scale

Health Insurance (Visit Website)

Life Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance


Social Security Contributions

Long Term Care

Money Plus

Worker's Compensation

S. C. Deferred Compensation (Supplemental Retirement)

Unemployment Compensation

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Direct Deposit of Pay

Approved Program of Certificate Renewal Activities