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Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

Sick Leave -Refer to Employee Handbook*

Family Medical Leave Act- Fact Sheet

Other Types of Leave-Long Term, Court Appearances, Jury Duty, Military,Maternity, Child Care and Political- Refer to Employee Handbook *

Vacation- Refer to Employee Handbook*

Supplemental Pay- for approved athletic and extracurricular services performed beyond the regular duty

In-Service Programs- Beginning Teacher Program provides support and assistance to
Beginning teachers

New Employee Orientation- Helps new employees acclimate themselves into the

Comprehensive Salary Scale

South Carolina PEBA Health Plan|Retirement Systems - Refer to PEBA Website

Social Security Contributions- Refer to Employee Handbook *

Worker's Compensation- Refer to Employee Handbook *

Unemployment Compensation

Tax Sheltered Annuities- Refer to Employee Handbook *

Direct Deposit of Pay

Approved Program of Certificate Renewal Activities