Student Teacher Placement

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Guidelines and Procedures for Field Placements

Florence School District Three strives to support cooperating colleges and universities in preparing highly qualified teacher candidates through their teacher preparation programs. We embrace our role in providing future-ready educators for leadership and service. It is our hope that this professionally rewarding field experience will serve as a springboard to launching a rewarding and successful career in education.

Request for Placement

1. All individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate programs leading to initial teacher certification must complete the student teaching requirement adopted by the South Carolina State Board of Education (Attachment 3). The same requirement is applicable to students enrolled in online institutions (Attachments 3 and 4).

a) Annually, a list of approved colleges/universities and a list of personnel authorized to contact the district’s CFP on behalf of the colleges/universities will be maintained. Personnel not identified on this list are not authorized to contact the district’s CFP with requests for field placements. (Attachment 5)

b) Colleges/Universities are responsible for notifying the district’s CFP of personnel changes.

c) Students may not make direct contact with district schools regarding field placements; all coordination for student placements are made by the college/university personnel who have been approved to serve in this capacity.

d) If a fall placement is desired, the district CFP must coordinate the placement request with the principal or his/her designee (Attachment 6) no later than May 1.

e) If a spring placement is desired, the district CFP must coordinate the placement request with the principal or his/her designee (Attachment 6) no later than December 1.

f) Placement duration can be approved from one day up to one semester; no placement with the same cooperating teacher can exceed one academic semester unless a specified exception exists. In such cases, the district is the approving authority.

Placement and Confirmation Procedures

2. All field experience placements are made through the district’s CFP.

a) Prior to a placement request, the college/university CFP will ensure the student candidate completes the Florence School District Three Student Practicum Application.

b) For internships, a background check will be conducted by a district Human Resources representative. In some cases, the student candidate is responsible for the cost associated with conducting the background check. The college/university CFP will be notified of any issues found during the background check.

c) FSD3 will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific schools, grade levels, and/or content areas; however, placement will be based on the availability of the cooperating teacher(s) and other building level considerations as determined by the district, building principal and/or his/her designee.

d) Final decision to accept or decline placement requests rests with the school district and building principal; there is no appeal authority.

e) The college/university CFP will be responsible for informing students of their placements. At this point, either the student or college/university CFP can coordinate the details of the assignment with the cooperating teacher or staff member.

f) Students must comply with all state, district and school-based policies and procedures. Students are advised to review the district’s policies and procedures, the discipline code, and the acceptable use policy.

Affiliation Agreement (AA)

3. Prior to a request for a field experience placement in Florence School District Three schools, the college/university must have a current AA in place.

a) The college/university’s program must be accredited by a recognized state and regional organization

b) Inquiries regarding establishing an agreement with the district are directed to the district Coordinator of Field Placements (CFP), Angelia Barr Scott.

c) Should the district agree to enter into a relationship with your institution for field placements, a Florence School District Three Affiliation Agreement will be sent to the college/university representative for review and signature. See the AA Process and AA Process Flowchart.