Administrative Staff and Responsibilities


Kasey Feagin, Senior Director of Instruction

843-374-8652 ext. 1135


  • Oversee curriculum and instruction K-12.
  • Oversee special events (Arbor Day, National History Day, Science Fair, Constitution Day, veterans Day, Read Across America, etc)
  • Oversee SACS and SACS Required Actions/Priorities
  • Plan and arrange district-wide professional development sessions.
  • School Improvement Plans (DRP, SRP, SACS, Report to Parents, etc.)
  • Attend Instructional Leaders Roundtable.
  • Monitor and oversee the overall effectiveness of the district instructional departments/team.
  • Monitor Instructional Programs and Services for:
    • All students
    • Professional Development
    • Academic Assistance
    • Curriculum & Instruction
    • Best Practices and Teaching Strategies
    • Data Analysis/assessments
    • Student Growth; Student Achievement
    • Read to Succeed
  • Monitor CATE Program
  • Management – Oversee Active Student Records, transcripts, discipline, including the ACE Program students.
  • Assist with managing the District’s Safety Plan
  • Assist Superintendent with PADEPP Evaluations
  • Participate in Back to School Parent Conference and other district-wide professional development opportunities i.e., Open House, Opening Ceremonies, etc.
  • Abide by all federal, state and local laws related to students and their well-being.
  • Assist Superintendent with monitoring instructional budgets.
  • Handle homebound requests and approvals.
  • Manage the G&T Program.
  • Oversee SIC documentation from schools and submit copy to Title I Coordinator.
  • Perform other duties as requested and\or assigned by the Superintendent.
  • Compliance
    • Manage compliance reporting for all state and federal agencies (State Report Card surveys, Comprehensive Health survey, Dropout Reports, Civil Rights Report, Immunization, Attendance/Truancy, etc)
    • Responsible for district SACS Standard 5,
    • Manage foster Children Proviso and Homeless (McKinney Vento) District Liaison,
    • Manage homebound placements, for regular education students, to include assigning teachers, documenting time sheets, hours, etc.
  • Serve as District Test coordinator – to include all National/State/Local testing programs, MAP or other summative assessment, portfolio assessments, and all benchmark assessments, WIDA, CogAT, etc.
  • Oversee textbooks, arranging caravans, textbook reviews, ordering, and inventory.

Cheryl Hubbard-George Direction of Exceptional Children

843-374-28652 ext. 2240


  • Students with disabilities (Compliance, Transcripts, Records, Reports)
  • Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
  • Vision/hearing/orientation and mobility services
  • Medicaid
  • IEPs
  • 504 Plans
  • Home-Based
  • Self-Contained
  • Resource
  • Inclusion
  • RTI (Response To Intervention)
  • Excent
  • Project Share
  • Data collection and reporting to state
  • Parentally Placed Private School students with disabilities
  • Due Process
  • Manifestation determination hearing
  • Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Assistive technology services
  • Child Find
  • Medical homebound (special education); Itinerate
  • Adult Education (IEP/504 to age 21)
  • Professional development training
  • Psychological Services

Renee Kirby, Director of K-8Literacy, SS Curriculum, and Academic Assistance

843-374-8652 ext. 1150


  • Provide leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Early childhood and Elementary instructional programs to ensure all students will meet or exceed state standards.
  • Research and provide professional development on Project Based Learning (PBL) for 4K – grade 6. Monitor PBL units at each school, 4K -6th.
  • Research Foreign Language options beginning in early grades.
  • Provide Optional Workshops/Professional Development for Early Childhood and Elementary staff, including the ACE program staff.
  • Monitor the ECHO system.
  • Oversee Media Specialists and the Gifted and Talented Program.
  • Assist in planning the district-wide professional development sessions at the beginning of the year.
  • Submit to the Senior Director of Instruction, a bi-weekly written literacy “feature” for Bits-N-Pieces.
  • Participate in Back-to-School parent conference and other district-wide professional development opportunities i.e., Open House, Opening Ceremonies, etc.
  • Oversee District Literacy Plan, School Literacy Plans, and ELA curriculum Mapping for K-8.
  • Oversee ELA and Writing benchmark assessments for K-8.
  • Assist with training and monitoring SLOs and EVAAS working with HR for reporting purposes.
  • Monitor the district Action Plan focusing on continuous Literacy improvement of the African-American male students. Assist schools in monitoring their school Action Plan.
  • Continue to monitor SACS Standard 3.
  • Attend monthly state ELA & SS Leaders meetings and provide written feedback to Senior Director of Instruction upon return as requested.
  • Participate in Back to School Parent Conference and other district-wide professional development opportunities, Open House, Opening Ceremonies
  • Abide by all federal, state and local laws related to students and their well-being
  • Perform other duties as requested/assigned by Senior Director of Instruction and/or Superintendent.

Dr. Sharon Williams, Director of Math and Science Curriculum and RTI

843-374-8652 ext. 1136


  • Develop, implement, monitor, and track academic plans for individual student improvement through area-wide planning, direction, program initiatives, benchmarking, and focus on continuous improvement, including the ACE program students.
  • Provide leadership, direction, support and accountability to principals to ensure that instructional and curricular programs are fully and appropriately implemented and evaluated in all assigned schools (READ 180 Math 180, Classworks, Alex, US Test prep, APEX, Fast forWord, Moby Max, etc.), including the ACE program.
  • Support Principals in analyzing school achievement data and to discuss implications for curriculum and instructional needs.
  • Assists Principals in identification of struggling students, assist in developing plans to put in place to meet the needs of these students and tracking the data, including the ACE program students.
  • Monitor the district-wide Action Plans for the Disabled population and African-American males.
  • Manage and oversee all programs, to include assistance in selection of the instructional programs to be used.
  • Attend Science and Math monthly meets and provide written updates to the Senior Director of Instruction.
  • Lead Science and Math Curriculum Mapping teams.
  • Lead Science and Math Action Plan teams.
  • Oversee ELL program
  • Submit, to the Senior Director of Instruction, a bi-weekly written Student Academic Support positive “feature” for newsletter.
  • Oversee the Space Academy Organization, if funds are available.
  • Oversee the Family Literacy program located at the LLC campus.
  • Oversee 4K Registration, Screening, and Identification.
  • Participate in Back to School Parent Conference and other district-wide professional development opportunities, Open House, Opening Ceremonies
  • Abide by all federal, state and local laws related to students and their well-being.
  • Perform other duties as requested/assigned by Senior Director of Instruction and/or Superintendent.

Yvonne Scott, Director of College, Career, & Student Outreach Services

843-374-8652 ext. 1110


  • College and Outreach Services
    • Serve as a liaison with business, industry, and the higher education community to provide and coordinate opportunities for students to develop employability skills and work-based learning opportunities.
    • Monitor and oversee College corner, along with Principal
    • Oversee Lake City graduation Initiative (LCGI)
    • Assist in seeking scholarships for students to apply.
    • Assist with Parent Outreach Programs.
    • Coordinate district participation in state and federal workforce ready efforts.
  • Career
    • Provide leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services that promote career awareness, development, exploration, and planning services, include ACE.
    • Effectively lead and direct the instructional programs that provide career development, occupational, labor market, non-traditional career and post-secondary opportunities, including the ACE program.
  • Submit written College and Career features for “Bits-N-Pieces”.
  • Oversee the operation of Upward Bound, RUSH, Early College and Dual Enrollment updating the Principal and Superintendent on a weekly basis.
  • Abide by all federal, state, and local laws related to students and their well-being.
  • Perform other duties as request/assigned by the Principal and/or the Superintendent.

Donna Sullivan, Director of Finance

843-374-8652 ext. 1131


  • Direct the financial affairs of the District
  • Develop, interpret, coordinate, and administer the school board's policies on finance, accounting, insurance, financial/accounting systems and auditing
  • Maintain budget and internal accounting controls
  • Ensure financial compliance with State and Federal requirements
  • Prepare financial records, reports, ledgers and budgets
  • Maintain appropriate records of District financial transactions
  • Schedule and coordinate the annual independent audit of the school District and individual school accounts.
  • Coordinate and accurately prepare the District’s annual budget
  • Manage the development and preparation of monthly and annual financial reports
  • Supervise and/or prepare the accurate transmission of required financial reports to appropriate state and federal agencies
  • Approve District purchase orders to ensure their compliance with state and District procurement procedures

Angelia Scott, Director of Human Resources

843-374-8652 ext. 1112


  • Plan, direct and oversee employee recruitment and selection, employee relations, compensation and benefits, training and development, legal compliance, policy and procedure implementation, and performance management
  • Oversee and ensure proper recordkeeping and updating of policies, procedures, regulations, and employee information
  • Interpret and formulate personnel policy and procedures and provides related advice to administrators, employees and staff
  • Ensure the District’s compliance with board policies and District procedures and applicable state and federal employment laws
  • Authorize and/or approve salary actions including pay adjustments, experience credits, and promotions; authorizes and/or approves transfers and terminations
  • Review special requests for leaves of absence and conducts interviews with employee requesting such leave as necessary
  • As delegated by the SC Department of Education, administer the approval and processing of certificate renewal credits.
  • Implement, administer and/or coordinate a wide variety of personnel and related programs such as wellness programs, retirement counseling programs, employee orientation programs, staff development, etc.
  • Assist other District administrators as needed to respond to personnel related problems, needs, requests, issues, etc.
  • Receive and review various records and documents such as leave requests, job applications, employee evaluations, staffing/budget planning records, etc.

Jay Alexander, Director of Facilities and Operations

843-374-8652 ext. 2891


  • Examine school buildings on a regular basis for needed repairs and maintenance
  • Establish and recommend priorities on repair projects, implementing an efficient system for resolving emergency repair issues
  • Estimate the cost of repair projects in terms of labor, materials, and overhead as needed.
  • Assign and supervise crews of craftspeople for maintenance work and inspect work requested through work orders as received from principals and building supervisors
  • Receive, store and issue all maintenance materials, supplies, and equipment and maintains accurate, current inventories
  • Organize and implement a program of preventive maintenance
  • Supervise and inspect the improvement and renovation work performed by outside contractors
  • Receive, assign and monitor the progress of work orders from principals, building supervisors and department heads relating to air conditioning, refrigeration, heating , lighting and electrically operated equipment and machines in the District
  • Oversee and monitor the Food Service Department Supervisor
  • Oversee and monitor the School Resource Officers
  • Establish and administer rules and procedures regarding availability and custody of all keys to district facilities.
  • Administer and coordinate the district’s emergency management plan with schools and first responder agencies

Brian Huckabee, Director of Communications and Technology

843-374-8652 ext. 1132


  • Plan and supervise the District's communications functions
  • Coordinate informational and public relations efforts in support of various events, programs and activities
  • Coordinate and implement a comprehensive communications program in support of District strategic goals and operational/educational needs
  • Prepare news releases to inform and educate the public concerning District programs and services
  • Develop materials, displays, and programs to promote District services, missions, and goals and enhances consistency and accuracy
  • Direct and administer a program for responding to and meeting the needs of sensitive student and public issues to promote positive education and community relations
  • Compose and edit text; produce graphic and photographic illustrations for publication or distribution to the news media and other groups
  • Coordinate the district’s Teacher of the Year program
  • Supervise the Technology Department and manages the Technology Department budget
  • Coordinate technology orders between schools/departments and vendors
  • Create, delete and change network user accounts as necessary
  • Coordinate facility rentals